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Frequenty Asked Questions

What kind of services do you offer?

Painterly Beauty offers on location and in studio makeup and hair styling services. (No hair cuts or color. Dry styling only. No blow outs.) Painterly Beauty also offers eyelash services like eyelash extensions, eyelash lift & tint. Eyebrow services like waxing, tinting, & lamination. As well as skincare services like facials, derma-planing, LED Light Therapy, & High Frequency. Painterly Beauty also retails skincare, eyelash, and eyebrow products. Esthetic services are performed Tuesday - Friday. Saturdays are reserved for makeup & hair appointments only.

Do you offer on- location services for events other than weddings?

We offer hair and makeup services on location or in studio for any event! (Upon availability) If Painterly Beauty does not have the availability you are looking for- please reach out via e-mail and we can sometimes make exceptions or send referrals.

What type of cosmetics do you use?

Painterly Beauty and any contracted artists or assistants carry a variety of pro and high-end luxury brands. All of the products in our kit are meant to be photographed, will stand up against heat, humidity, tears, and will last all day into the evening. Have an allergy? Please let us know. All of our artists are professionally trained, licensed, and experienced makeup artists and hair stylists. All artists with Painterly Beauty have been handpicked by Bree personally.


Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer any discounts.


What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 48 hour notice of cancellation. If notice is given less than 48 hours, we charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the service.

For on-location contracts, all deposits and retainers are non-refundable regardless of  cancellations.

Do you offer facials leading up to my event?

Yes! Please book an appointment and we will discuss your skin care goals. Painterly Beauty offers different types of facial services and has amazing products that you can purchase to get your skin looking amazing before your event!


What kind of waxing services do you offer?

We offer facial waxing in the Painterly Beauty studio for brows, lip, and nostrils.


Are you able to do a variety of skin tones?

100% YES! All of our artists are professionally trained and have a makeup kit that can be used on every skin tone and texture. We take this very seriously. You will never be told to bring your own products (unless you have a specific allergy).


Do you offer airbrush makeup?
No. We do not offer airbrush makeup but we will get your skin looking smooth, glowy, and gorgeous by hand using professional brushes and sponges.

Are you able to cover blemishes/ skin issues?

In short, yes. However, blemishes and fine lines are often elevated or sunken-in skin, and this skin texture can still be noticeable even with coverage. We can take out the redness and discoloration, however makeup cannot smooth out or change the texture of the skin. We're not magicians. :)


Are you able to cover tattoos?

Definitely. If you have a tattoo that needs to be covered, please email us a couple of photos of the tattoo you would like to cover before your appointment.

Please note that proper tattoo coverage can take as much time as an entire face, sometimes longer if the area you want to be covered is large.


What products should I avoid if I am getting waxed?

Avoid using any products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids, Benzoyl Peroxides, or any Retin-A or active/peeling ingredients for seven days before and after waxing. Please make sure you always let your esthetician know all the skincare products that you use.

Please do not try to get waxed the day before your wedding. We recommend tweezing or threading the eyebrows instead if the appointment needs to happen immediately before the wedding.



Why is the bride more expensive than everyone else?

The Bridal Package price includes the trial, touchup kit, travel fee (within Portland), as well as admin time for communication, timelines, writing and editing contracts, as well as communicating with other vendors.

Do you travel to do events?

Absolutely! We are willing to travel and have passports! Please submit an inquiry on the Bridal section of this website and we can discuss options for destination wedding services.


Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes, A travel fee of $2 per mile round trip from the Beaverton area will be charged.


Who qualifies as an attendant when it comes to your rates?

Attendants include any person besides the bride. Bridesmaids, mother of the bride, aunts, future in-laws, grandmas, and guests who are needing services. We would love to help any person in your party needing makeup or hair services.


What do you charge for destination weddings?

Depending on the details, a custom quote can be provided after a phone consultation.

Please submit a Bridal Inquiry on the Bridal page on this website.

For all destination weddings, due to safety concerns, we will require an in-person meeting and trial.


Can I work with you virtually?

Absolutely! We are able to work with clients from outside of the Portland area. Lessons and consultations can be done easily via FaceTime or Zoom.


Do I need to come into the studio to do a contract?

It is not necessary to come into the studio to sign a contract. We can do everything via phone, email, and Adobe Sign. However, if you are more comfortable meeting in person, we will be happy to accommodate that!


Do you have a minimum for on- location bridal services?

Yes, The bridal makeup package rate is the minimum. For saturdays between June and September my minimum rate is $1000. 


How much experience do you have doing makeup?

Bree has been doing makeup professionally full time since 2012. She has experience with bridal, commercial, corporate headshots, and editorial makeup. Bree is a licensed esthetician and has the ability and skill to execute whichever type of makeup you are wanting- wether that is a very clean looking natural makeup, soft glam, full glam, or an editorial beauty look. All artists subcontracted as second stylists and assistants have a similar skill level and are hand picked by Bree.


How much experience do you have doing hair?

Bree has been doing bridal hair professionally since 2019 and holds a Natural Hair Care License. This does not include any permanent services like cutting or coloring; only simple dry styles like updo’s, half up’s, boho buns and braids (No blowouts). This service is meant to be an add on for makeup services. Please make sure to attach any inso photos for hair before booking a service.


May we use a hair stylist or makeup artist from another company for other members of the bridal party?
Yes, Bree can only handle 8 services on her own. Makeup and Hair Styling are separate services. If the amount of services are more than 8, Bree can bring a second stylist (upon availability). Painterly Beauty does not require clients to book our team for both services. You can book us for just makeup, or both makeup and hair. 


How soon do I need to book my wedding makeup and hair?

We cannot hold a date without a signed contract and deposit. The sooner you know your date, the better. Once you have secured a date and getting ready location, we advise that you book hair and makeup immediately after. Last minute inquiries are almost always unavailable. Painterly Beauty books up for the year around the end of January. So please don’t wait to book your services!


Do you offer makeup for engagement or boudoir pictures?
Definitely! However, Saturday appointments are usually not available during the high season (June-October) because of on-location wedding services. Let us know and we will do our best to work with your schedule.


Do you offer makeup for rehearsal dinner?

Absolutely! Availability may be limited, as we may have weddings booked on the date of your rehearsal dinner. Please reach out as soon as you're ready to book this service and we will do our best to accommodate you!


Where do the makeup and hair trials & in studio appointments take place?

And when are they available?

All trials and in-studio appointments take place at our studio located at the Lifequal Center in Beaverton at 1975 NW 167th Pl Beaverton, OR 97006

There is a free parking lot available directly in front of the building. 


What days can I schedule a makeup trial?

Trials are available Thursday and Friday from 11am -7 pm. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. If you are coming from out of town and have limited availability, reach out via email and we will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability.


What if I am unable to make my scheduled trial appointment? Can we reschedule?
Things happen, we understand. We ask that you give us 48 hour notice when canceling or rescheduling. If you cancel more than twice, we will request a deposit to secure your services, which we can apply towards your service after completion. Also, if you are sick, please reschedule.


Are trials included in the makeup price for the bride?

Yes! Trials are included in the bridal makeup package.


How Long Do Trials Take?

Makeup trials are usually about an hour to an hour and a half so that we can customize your look to your specific needs. Makeup and Hair trials can take about 2 to 2.5 hours depending on your needs. If you want to see other styles you are welcome to book a separate trial. If for some reason you are not happy with the look you chose, or change your mind, it is best to schedule a second trial to be 100% sure.


How many looks do I get in a trial?

Trials are based on time. We can try as many different styles as you want to see in that time frame. If we go beyond your scheduled time, a second trial will need to be booked.

However, if the hair style is intricate or takes a lot of prep time, like glam waves or boho braids, and then you want to see a different type of curl or an updo- a second trial will need to be booked.


When do you recommend getting a trial done?

Trials can be scheduled before or after finalizing a booking. However, we like to book them out a few months away from the wedding to make sure that bridal styles don’t change too much that you change your mind or that your hair color and texture are similar to how they will be at the wedding.


What is the purpose of a trial? Is it required?

The purpose of the trial is for the bride to meet the artist/stylist and work with them to find a look that they love for the wedding day. Sometimes we have an idea in our heads that we are “married” to and when we see it on ourselves- we don’t love it.

If you haven’t nailed down your look yet, it is a good time to discuss looks and styles that are catered to your skin tone/type, face shape, and specific needs. Please bring reference photos and the model’s coloring and hair color should resemble yours. If the makeup you are wanting is on someone who looks nothing like you - that makeup won’t  translate how you are expecting. If you have dark colored hair and your inso photos are on people with light colored hair - it won’t translate the way you are expecting.


Can I do a makeup trial before booking?

Yes! If you would like to do a trial before booking, we suggest coming in as soon as possible. We do not hold dates without a signed contract and 50% deposit.


What should I bring to my trial?

You should bring a photo of your dress, makeup styles that inspire you, as well as photos of makeup that you do not like. If you are planning on wearing a spray tan or hair or eyelash extensions on the day of your wedding, you should also wear it to your trial. It also helps to wear a white shirt and bring the jewelry, hair accessories, or veil to your trial.

Can I bring a friend to my trial?

Unfortunately, no. The Painterly Beauty studio is not big enough to accommodate bringing guests. They are welcome to wait in the lobby. Also, pets are not allowed in the facility.


Can I bring my child with me to my trial?

While we love children and babies, they can be distracting during the limited time we have together. We ask that you enjoy this time for yourself and please find a sitter to watch your precious little ones.


What do I do if I need to change any details (location, time, number of people) for my wedding?

Reach out via e-mail to let us know about any changes. We try our hardest to accommodate you but if details change close to the wedding date we can’t always guarantee flexibility with our artist/stylist schedules.


Who do I call on the day of for any last minute issues?

You can reach Bree at (808)280-6132.


How long does it take per person for makeup and hair on the wedding day?

45-60 minutes per service. Looks that are more complex could take 90 minutes. The bride usually takes 90 minutes to two hours.


Is there anything I need the day of the wedding?

On the wedding day, your makeup artist will bring a chair and light. They will need a table to set up at that is out of the way of foot traffic and near an outlet. (end tables are not tables.) If you are getting your hair done, a shorter chair will be needed, and a standing mirror (or wall mounted mirror) may be necessary. (inexpensive mirrors from Target or Walmart are great for this.)


Should I make a schedule for my group for the day of the wedding?

No. Bree will create the timeline for day of services. Typically it is best to have the bride go somewhere in the middle- not at the end; and mothers and grandmothers should go last so that bridal party photos can take place before the artists leave.


How should my party and I prepare for the day of?

Everyone should come with a clean face, and clean, dry hair as well as with an inspo photo for hair and makeup, and whatever lipstick or lipgloss they are planning on using for touchups. Please make sure everyone is on time. Any stragglers may push back the entire timeline, making everyone behind schedule.

Are lashes included in my services?

Yes. We use individual lashes instead of strip lashes. However if there is a specific type of lash that you want to use, you are welcome to purchase it and bring it and we will be happy to apply them for you!

What if I don’t want lashes is the price different?

Lashes are complimentary and are included in the price for makeup services. If you prefer not to wear lashes, the price is the same.

Do you provide eyelash extension or eyebrow services?

Yes! We highly recommend brow services and eyelash extensions for your wedding day. It is so nice to wake up on your wedding day with your brows and lashes ready to go! They photograph so well, you won’t have to worry about any mishaps through tears, and they will last through your honeymoon! We recommend that you get the brow and eyelash service before the wedding day to make sure we get the exact look you want, and then come in a few days before the day of to get a fill or touchup. You can book an eyelash extension or eyelash lift & tint service through the Painterly Beauty booking site.


What should I have with me throughout the wedding day for touch- ups?

For brides, a touch-up kit will be provided. This includes blotting sheets, touchup powder, a small mirror, and the sponge used to apply your foundation. We recommend purchasing the lip color of your choice. While the makeup we do is long-wearing, we can not fight mother nature. For anyone other than the bride, they should bring whatever they are planning on wearing on their lips and a touchup powder.

Can my bridesmaids use your makeup or hair products if they’re not using your services?

No. We respectfully ask that no one touch or use anything in our kit due to infection control protocols and for liability reasons. The products we use are very expensive and need to be used for paid services only. If anyone asks to “borrow” or use anything, they will be denied. This includes tools and implements like scissors and hair clips.  Thank you for understanding.


How can I be assured that my booked artist will show up on my wedding day?

Upon signing the contract, we guarantee that our artist/stylist will be at your wedding. If there is an extreme emergency, we will send another stylist to perform services. In the case that your stylist is ill or has covid- we will find a replacement stylist for you.


What if I am dissatisfied with my makeup?

That can happen if there is a gap in communication, or no reference photos. Sometimes clients use words to describe what they are wanting instead of showing reference photos. Honesty is the best policy. Speak now or forever hold your peace. :) If at any time you’re unhappy with your trial, let us know! It will not hurt our feelings and we want you to be obsessed with how you look. We will work out a solution to find a look you love.


How much is my wedding makeup deposit/retainer?

The deposit is 50% of the total services. The Balance is due one week before your wedding day.

Is my deposit/retainer refundable?

No. The deposit is non-refundable if you decide to cancel.


What type of payment methods do you accept?

All services are paid via online invoice. We accept major credit/debit cards or cash.


At what point do you need an assistant?

Assistants are not included in the initial per person rates. Assistants are an additional$200 and will take other attendants besides the bride. We suggest having an assistant for 8 or more services. Assistants are used for decreasing time on the day of, and to support your artist/stylist with a large party.

If you have more than 8 services, a limited time frame, or an early “ready by” time, (Before 2pm) then we suggest adding an assistant to your contract. Consider your assistant makeup artist as “insurance” on the day of for large parties.


What are overtime charges & when are they incurred?

Overtime charges are applied when the artist/stylist is not done with your bridal party at the contracted “Service End Time” through no fault to the artist/stylist. For instance, if you or anyone in your party is late, people aren’t ready when we arrive, if there is not a steady flow of people ready to have their makeup/hair done, or if additional people or services are added on the day of, or something happens on your end that prevents the artist/stylist from working, the overtime fee will be applied.

Since there are instances where our artists need to do another wedding on the same day, running late may result in them being late to another wedding.


What if I pay for someone (an attendant) on my contract and they back out of services for my wedding day?
If a person backs out of the service that you have already paid a deposit on, we are unable to refund the amount. If you are more than 30 days out from the wedding day, we will take the portion of their services out of the balance due. Within 30 days, you will still be responsible to pay the full balance due.

If a person backs out of services, ask a friend or other family member to take their spot.

Do I have to pay you in one sum or can my guests pay individually?

The bride is responsible for the total amount. You can collect payment from your guests and pay online in one lump sum. We also can include tips/gratuity if you wish.


Can you do eyes only for my bridesmaids?

We can do only eye makeup, but we do not offer partial face rates. The

attendant rate would still apply to anyone getting makeup services.


Why is bridal makeup and hair so expensive?

We are a full-service bridal beauty team and we take our jobs seriously. We will never cancel on you, ghost you, or take your money and run. Unfortunately, the beauty industry has flakey artists who cancel on brides at the last minute, or claim to be professional but are not. We are licensed in the State of Oregon (all artists & hairstylists must hold a cosmetology or esthetics license) and put your safety first. We are ethical, and run our business with integrity so that you can enjoy one of the happiest days of your life. See our Google Reviews -


Is your kit sanitary? I’m nervous about germs.

Infection Control and sanitation is our number one priority. You will see our team use freshly disinfected brushes and new disposables on each member of the bridal party. We wash and sanitize our hands between clients, and keep all of our tools and implements clean with a disinfectant spray. We never double dip, and everything gets sanitized between services and at the end of the day.


How can I review your business?
We love reviews. If you’ve used our services, we prefer our reviews on Google-

If for some reason you were not happy with our service, please reach out. We want to be sure we offered you the highest level of service. If we fall short, we need to know so that we can work to resolve the issue and provide you with the best service.


C O V I D  F A Q:


Are you vaccinated?

Sanitation and infection control is our number one priority. We believe that being vaccinated is part of basic infection control when working with the public. We are  vaccinated and follow CDC & local health guidelines.


Will you wear a mask? 

We are happy to wear a mask upon request.


How will we need to set up the room?

To help with infection control guidelines, we will need a private room where there are no other people around. (At the very least 6 feet distance) This will help to keep everyone safe and healthy. You will also get a peaceful glam appointment without added craziness or stress. We can discuss options and what that may look like closer to your date. If there is a lot of foot traffic, or people want to get very close, it could result in burns from hot tools, or other painful mishaps.


Will I need to bring my own makeup?

Only if you have serious specific allergies. We will never ask you to bring your own products, but if you prefer to, you are welcome to.


What happens if we go into another lockdown?

If we are unable to perform services due to a government mandated shutdown, we can work together to get your day rescheduled. The contract protects you and our team. Please email/call for more detailed info.


What if someone from the party tests positive?

If someone in your party tests positive, we will refuse services for that person. You are able to substitute another person for that service instead. We are unable to refund services for attendants who do not participate.

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