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Unlock the secret to radiant skin with the incredible benefits of facials! Invest in your skin today for a lifetime of healthy and glowing complexion! 

A facial involves a visit to your skilled esthetician for customized treatments tailored to your skin's specific needs. By receiving professional care on a regular basis, you can achieve and maintain the best version of your skin.

Benefits of Facials:

Deep Cleansing and Exfoliation: Say goodbye to clogged pores and dull skin! Consistent facials deeply cleanse and exfoliate, removing impurities and dead skin cells to reveal a fresh and revitalized complexion.


Targeted Skin Concerns: Address your unique skin concerns! With regular facials, you can target issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, aging, and more. Your esthetician will customize treatments to help improve your specific skin conditions.


Improved Skin Texture: Smooth, baby-soft skin awaits! Facials promote cell turnover, resulting in a refined skin texture, minimized fine lines, and a more youthful appearance.


Hydration and Nourishment: Quench your skin's thirst! Regular facials provide deep hydration and nourishment, helping to restore moisture balance and keep your skin plump, supple, and glowing.


Relaxation and Self-Care: Treat yourself to well-deserved pampering! Consistent facials not only benefit your skin but also provide a moment of relaxation and self-care. Indulge in the soothing touch and rejuvenating experience.


Double Cleanse


Mask (Dependent on skin concerns) 

Extractions (Dependent on skin concerns)

Massage 10 minutes 

Mixture of serums 


Lip treatment 


Devices & tools available upon requests. 


Facial Add Ons


Dermaplaning is a safe and effective exfoliation technique that uses a sterile surgical scalpel to gently remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz). This non-invasive treatment leaves your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.


Benefits of Dermaplaning:

Enhanced Skin Radiance: Dermaplaning reveals fresh, vibrant skin by removing dull, dead cells and promoting cell turnover. Say hello to a youthful, glowing complexion!


Smoother Skin Texture: Bid farewell to rough patches and uneven skin texture. Dermaplaning helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, giving you baby-smooth skin.


Better Product Absorption: With the removal of the top layer of dead skin cells, your skincare products can penetrate more effectively, maximizing their benefits and boosting their effectiveness.


Makeup Perfection: Say goodbye to makeup that settles into fine lines and hello to flawless makeup application! Dermaplaning creates an ideal canvas for your makeup, ensuring a seamless and long-lasting finish.


Peach Fuzz No More: Goodbye, unwanted facial hair! Dermaplaning gently eliminates vellus hair, leaving your skin incredibly smooth to the touch.

LED Light Therapy - 

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses various wavelengths of light to target specific skin concerns. By delivering energy to the deeper layers of your skin, it helps rejuvenate, heal, and improve overall skin health.


Benefits of LED Light Therapy:

Skin Rejuvenation: Let your skin shine! LED Red light therapy stimulates collagen production, helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging. Say hello to a more youthful and revitalized complexion.


Acne Control: Wave goodbye to acne  woes! LED Blue light therapy effectively targets acne-causing bacteria, reducing inflammation and breakouts. Achieve clearer, calmer, and blemish-free skin.


Hyperpigmentation Fade: Unleash your skin's true radiance! LED Green light therapy aids in fading hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and sun damage, giving you a more even and luminous skin tone.


Calm and Soothe: Say goodbye to redness and irritation! LED light therapy helps to calm sensitive skin, reduce inflammation, and promote a healthy skin barrier. Embrace a soothing and comfortable complexion.


Boost Product Absorption: Maximize the benefits of your skincare routine! LED light therapy enhances the absorption of skincare products, allowing key ingredients to penetrate deeper and work more effectively.

High Frequency- 

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High Frequency is a gentle and non-invasive skincare treatment that utilizes electrical currents to enhance your skin's overall health and appearance. It helps address a range of skin concerns, leaving you with a refreshed and rejuvenated glow.


Benefits of High Frequency:

Skin Clarity: Clear skin, here we come! High Frequency helps to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and minimize breakouts. Say goodbye to pesky blemishes and embrace a clearer complexion.


Improved Circulation: Boost your skin's vitality! High Frequency stimulates blood circulation, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells. Enhance radiance and promote a healthy glow.


Collagen Boost: Turn back the clock! High Frequency stimulates collagen production, promoting firmer and more elastic skin. Enjoy a more youthful and plump complexion with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


Reduced Puffiness: Say goodbye to puffiness! High Frequency aids in reducing water retention and swelling, particularly around the eyes. Wake up to a refreshed and revitalized appearance.


Enhanced Product Absorption: Maximize the benefits of your skincare routine! High Frequency helps your skin absorb skincare products more effectively, allowing key ingredients to penetrate deeper and work their magic.

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